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HunterNet Co-operative Limited Overview

HunterNet is widely recognised within Australian manufacturing and academia as the most successful industry ‘cluster’ of its type nationally. Incorporated in 1992, HunterNet is a network of small and medium-sized manufacturing, engineering and consulting companies located in the Hunter and Central Coast Regions of NSW. Formed as a non-trading, not for profit Co-Operative, it involves over 200 companies, active in national and international markets in defence, power generation, mineral processing, transportation and major resource projects

HunterNet was formed as a response to the shifting economic climate of the 1990s, which saw many of the smaller manufacturing and engineering companies competing in a more limited market. Small to medium enterprises needed to create new opportunities for themselves and the region in order to survive. By combining their skills, expertise and the power of many, these companies were able to focus on competing globally.

HunterNet markets the combined capability of the members, provides business development and training opportunities, and promotes the Hunter as a manufacturing and engineering region of excellence.

The network provides member companies with the opportunity to take part in activities previously out of reach of smaller enterprises including training and development, networking, joint marketing initiatives, joint project bids, focused task forces, trade missions and tendering.

Relationships with key bodies such as Industry & Investment NSW, Regional Development Australia - Hunter and the University of Newcastle provide the network with additional support, services and weight in the political and business arena.

The success of HunterNet Members in winning work from major projects in areas such as ship building, aerospace, rail and mining on an individual and collective basis in the past, will be a key factor in achieving future success for the region as the Hunter gears up for its next stage of industrial development, with many new industrial and mining projects coming forward, as the Hunter truly becomes Australia's leading industrial and manufacturing region.

Culture Hunter  - Hunter Region Map

The Hunter Region, New South Wales, Australia.


  • 31 Mar 2014

    “HunterNet keeps Hunter Defence manufacturers and suppliers immediately in touch with opportunities in this complex industry area. HunterNet introduces Hunter industry to the strategic people in Defence, both nationally and internationally”.

  • 31 Mar 2014

    “Members need to be more innovative, smarter about the way they work, more careful managing risk. HunterNet can help with all of these things".

  • 31 Mar 2014

    “It’s all about passion: attending the meetings and forums, participating, contributing. What you put in is what you get out. It’s not a matter of ‘I’ve paid my money to join, now give me the information and the leads.’ We all walk through each other’s workshops and we don’t hide things like we used to. We see an opportunity and we think about how others can be part of that and work together with us.” Pat Smyth, Chair Infrastructure Forum

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